My baby boy Lennox just turned a year a few weeks ago and one of his milestones was transferring him from formula to milk. Thankfully, everything went well with the transition and he is now successfully 100% on cow milk.


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The problem that I was running into when transitioning with both boys is that they are still milk loving children drinking about five bottles a day. When you are out and about this becomes difficult as you no longer have the convenience of carrying formula with you and milk can get spoiled and unsafe to drink if left out of the refrigerator. Also, carrying a little cooler with ice is really not very feasible.

My solution to this is to use the toddler milk based powder that comes in individual 8 ounce serving packages. For Jaxon I used the Enfagrow packs and for Lennox I am currently using the Go and Grow Similac packs. I carry a few packs of it in my purse or baby bag, a long with an empty bottle, and you can easily pick up a water bottle where ever you are. This is especially convenient when traveling and flying with them.



Excellent news for those wanting to try this, Target currently has a promotion on formula this week, by three get a $15 gift card. The last day for this promotion is on Saturday and Similac Go and Grow packs are part of the deal. Below is a breakdown on how you could get all three 16 packs for only $2.97.

Buy three Similac Go and Grow toddler packs (16 pack) at $9.99 each

– use 2 $4 off 1 printed coupons (

Use 1- $4 off 1 Cartwheel coupon found in the Target Cartwheel app

Pay $17.97

Get back a $15 gift card


Disclaimer: I recommend you talk to your child’s pediatrician before transitioning him/her and changing up the milk.