Top 6 Baby Registry Must Have

This past year I received a lot of questions about my baby registry must have and it is constantly a topic I see mom’s post about on their social media. I wanted to share what my must have are to my expecting momma followers, besides diapers and wipes of course. Here it is,  top 5 registry must have…

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1. Rock and Play

Our Rock and Play was a lifesaver those first few months. I placed it right next to my side of the bed at night and he slept in it worry free. Best part is that it can rock at night which helped put the baby back to sleep. The rock and play also has a slight curve which is perfect as most newborns prefer to sleep in this position rather than a  flat surface.


2. Infant body Support

These are also very useful during the first couple of months. I used it in his rock and play, than later on in the crib when we transitioned him there, great for baby bouncer and even the car seat. The extra support keeps baby nice and safe and mommy worry free (well almost).



3. Britax B-agile combo pack

After months of reasearch I picked the Britax B-Agile matching car seat, single stroller and double stroller. I wanted a car seat  that would match and I could easily transfer it from one stroller to the other. Unlike some of the other brands, Britax comes with all pieces including the car seat adapters. Also it is light weight, you can close and open with one hand, remove and insert the wheels easily for better storage in your car and you can push them with one hand so your other hand is free! The handle bar to the double stroller even moves up and down so you can adjust it to your comfort level and the storage compartment in the bottom can be reached through the back or by un-zipping the front where the feet goes.



4. Swaddle Blankets

I still use these swaddle blankets for both my  one year old and four year old. They’re not only good for swaddling babies, but the light weight, soft and large design to them make them excellent blankets (especially in the summer and for trips) even to this day! I also used them as a nursing cover by tying the ends to my bras straps. My absolute favs!

IMG_2153.PNG5. Mam bottles

These were literally the only bottles My baby would take as an infant. The nipple on this bottle, in my opinion, is as close as it gets to the real thing. Also, the bottom of the bottle removes for easy cleaning and makes it a lot easier to boil to disinfect! The bottles come in pink, baby blue and cream.



6. Baby Monitor

Our baby monitor  is as old as my oldest (almost five years old). Not only did I use it for both babies while they slept and especially napped in the middle of the day, but I even use it to keep an eye on them as toddlers while playing in the room/playroom. This allows me to peacefully shower, move around the house and do chores worry free! We have a Summer brand but I am not sure of the model as it’s older. However, they come much fancier now than they did five years ago.



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