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Life After Miscarriage

A few months ago I suffered a miscarriage that completely took me by suprise. I thought about keeping the details of my miscarriage private but decided to share it during Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month for several reasons. First, I am 1 in 4 women who have gone through this. It is important that… Continue reading Life After Miscarriage

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How To Thrift Shop For Kids Like A PRO

My boys, especially my toddler out grow their clothes very quickly. For the baby, he has been having growth spurts about every three months, so I am needing to buy him an entire new wardrobe that often. Especially here in New England, where there are drastic changes in weather, by the time they can wear something… Continue reading How To Thrift Shop For Kids Like A PRO

Rehab Home

Lighting Up An Old, Dark Home

Finding and fixing our first home has been a very long and tiring process. As soon as I entered to see the house for the very first time, after seeing dozens, I saw something I had not seen in all the others. This house, although old and super outdated, was open concept and had big windows surrounding the entire home. We often… Continue reading Lighting Up An Old, Dark Home