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Ultimate Guide To Surviving Black Friday

With the holidays just around the corner, I wanted to share tips on how to survive Black Friday. Below you can also find a shopping list template to help  you stay organize. Happy Holidays and happy shopping!


Plan Ahead

Get An Early Start by checking out the sales and flyers one to two weeks before Black Friday. Many stores will now release their ads out early on their website for this purpose. You can also see ads on and sign up for email alerts. On Thanksgiving day, purchase the newspaper early so you give yourself time to review all of the ads before thanksgiving dinner festivities. Determine what your budget is for that day so you don’t overspend.


Organize Yourself

Compare prices and try to figure out which stores has the best deals. Keep a written schedule of the stores you will go to first and what you will get at each store as it is easy to forget during the rush. Also bring the flyers with you with the items circled in case you need to compare with the actual product or ask for assistance. Do not count on the stores having extra ads! Door busters/ hot items should be your first stop as clothes, household items etc. can be purchased later on in the early morning.

Click on the photo for a free PDF template



Travel in Packs

Get yourself a tribe and shop with at least 2 other people.  Make a plan ahead of time of who will go to what area of the store so everyone helps each other out. Also, traveling with a group is  helpful when waiting in lines, both outside and indoors, as the lines get crazy long. What we do is that we have one person waiting in line while the other two go and grab everything around the store.


Don’t Forget To Take Care Of Yourself

Try to get some rest before you head out and don’t forget to eat and hydrate often. Also, if you are tired DO NOT drive. This is another reason why it is helpful to travel with a group. You also should dress as comfy as possible and bundle up. Dress in layers so that you can easily take layers off/put them on as you go in and out of the stores. Do not bring a one shoulder or handbag type purse as it can get uncomfortable to carry and you don’t want to leave it in the cart.



I highly recommend that you don’t bring children. My husband usually stays home with the kids. Not only do they get to have a good night’s sleep, but I am able to accomplish all of my shopping without crying and upset children.