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These days, consumers are a lot more savvier than they use to be. With the internet at our fingertips, we are able to compare products, prices, read reviews, etc.. This leads to making more conscious decisions, and thus allow us to get the best products at the lowest price. During the holiday season, consumers become even more price conscious as we are trying to purchase as much as we can in a small amount of time.


With that being said, there are a few apps that I use to help maximize savings, especially during the holiday season. Read below to learn more about my favorite money-saving apps!



Raise is a discounted gift card app. What I love most about Raise is that it is a gift card you are purchasing and not a store promotion or coupon. Therefore, you are able to combine the discounted gift card with any store promotions as well for extra savings. What you do is that you search the name of the company (retail, restaurant, etc.) or search by category. When you click on the company you will see all of the gift cards available to purchase, the amount on the gift card and the purchase price. Most gift cards are available to use as an e-gift card, either right away or within a few hours. However, some gift cards are mailed to you and can take several days. The way to know if it’s an e-gift card or mailed is by looking at the icon right next to it. The truck is a mailed gift card and the phone is an e-gift card.  I love using Raise to help get even further discounts at retail stores. I also used the gift cards several times at chain restaurants, and my husband used it quite a bit at Home Depot when he was remodeling our rehab home. (Read more on our rehab journey here.)

You can sign up for raise here and receive a $5 referral code that can be applied to any gift card. That’s an additional $5 savings!


Target Cartwheel

Target cartwheel can be found on the Target App. You are able to search for items by category or on the search bar for additional store discounts. These discounts can range from 5% to 50% off and can be combined with store coupons and promotions. The discounted items and percentages change often so you want to keep an eye on it frequently. There is also an option to scan the items you are shopping for and the app will tell you if the item has an additional cartwheel discount. Once you find the deals you want, you then click on the picture to add it to your check out cart. When you get to the register, you click on the check out button and hand your phone to the cashier once they have scanned everything. The total amount of all discounts is automatically taken out once the bar code has been scanned.

For even more savings, consider getting a target credit card or debit card to save 5% on every purchase made with your card. The Target debit card does not require credit approval. It is similar to a bank card, where you give your checking’s account information, and all purchases made from your debit card will deduct from checking’s account as if you were using a check. The only exception is that you get to save 5% on all of your purchases, plus receive cool perks such as unlimited free shipping all year round and early access to sales such as Black Friday. Learn more here.



Swagbucks is an app that rewards you points when you make online purchases through their links. These points can then be converted into gift cards to your favorite stores. So far I have earned about $50 in gift cards just for shopping through them. So for example, if I am going to buy something on-line, I would search for the name of the company on Swagbucks and then click on the link to the store. The link will automatically bring me to the company’s website, and all purchases made will be converted into points. These points will continue to combine until I have enough points to cash it out for the desired gift card. You then receive the gift card within a few days via your email in form of an e-gift card. It’s that simple!

Sign up for Swagbucks here and receive 300 points/$3 credit just for signing up!


I am aware that there are many other apps to help save money, but I only wanted to share the apps I personally use and have found helpful.  I would love to hear what apps you use to help save money, please feel free to comment below any suggestions. I hope that you find these tips helpful when doing your holiday shopping. Happy Holidays!