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4 Present Rule: Something To Wear Shopping Guide

Note: This post has affiliated links. This means that I will receive a small profit on any items purchased.


This is the second of my 4 Present Rule Shopping Guide. If you haven’t read the first “Something They Need” check it out here. For those who are not in the loop on the 4 Present rule, this is a set of rules where you only buy four presents for your children for Christmas. The four presents are something they need, something they want, something to wear and something to read/imagine. Today it’s all about Something To Wear gifts!

I know I already covered something to wear with the boots, but kids are always growing so why not? For this category I usually like to get either pajamas, cold weather accessories, sweaters and/or sweat pants. Here are my picks…



  1. Star Studded Pom Pom Beanie ; 2. Faux Fur Jacket-Art Class ; 3. Patch Lunch Crew Pom Pom Beanie ; 4. Emoji Gloves ; 5. Stevies Cross Band Leopard Print Slipper ; 6. Good Night PJ Set ; 7. Cat and Jack Robe ; 8. Emoji Long Sleeve Graphic Tees


I have two great promotions for you to take advantage of. These promotions end soon, so you want to act fast!

  1. Children’s place currently has their entire site 50-70% OFF (no code necessary). In addition, you can earn a $10 off $20 Place Cash to be spent at a later date. These PLACE Cash are awesome because you can pair them with sales for additional discounts later on. Children’s Place also has some of the trendiest graphic shirts and hats/beanies (as you can see in the collages). You can get these super cute beanies for as low as $6.47 and the graphic tees for as low as $4.75 and free shipping! These also make for great stocking stuffers! Click here to see more.
  2. Target currently has a promotion on kids, toddler and baby clothing, BOGO 50% OFF. No code necessary, discount will be applied at checkout and free shipping. This promotion includes pajamas and ends tomorrow. Click here to see more.

Also, because Target has such a great promotion on pajamas, and it’s something I hear many parent’s say they need more of for their kids, I have made a second shopping guide for this category. This shopping guide has all of my favorite pajama sets from Target, both boys and girls. All of these sets come in baby, toddler and big kids sizes and are currently part of the BOGO 50% Off promotion. (All size categories are listed separately for each style, listed here are toddler sizes).



  1. Dog Cotton Pajama Set ; 2. Ostrich Cotton Pajama Set ; 3. Polar Bear Cotton Pajama Set ; 4. Santa Pajama Set ; 5. Lumber Jack Pajama Set ; 6. Day Dream Pajama Set ; 7. Zebra Pajama Set ; 8. Batman Pajama Set


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