4 Present Rule: Something To Read/Imagine Shopping Guide

This is the 4th and last of my 4 Present Rule blog post series!  If you have not read the others, you can click on the following links here, Something They Need , Something They Want , Something To Wear .

This category is supposed to be something to read. However, because we already have a ton of books, and are continuously getting new ones, I decided to be a little more flexible with this category. I usually will get them something they can use their imagination or creativity with. See below for some of my suggestions.


  1. Melissa and Doug Secret Decoder ; 2. Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book Series ; 3. Melissa and Doug Let’s Play House Set ; 4. Alex Color A Rocket ; 5. Melissa and Doug Chef Dress Up ; 6. Melissa and Doug Doctor Dress Up ; 7. Melissa and Doug Basic Skills Board ; 8. Creative Haven Animal Whimsy Coloring Book

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, Target is having  huge promotion on toys this week. Read more on that here . Also, for those wanting to get books for their children, I highly recommend you stop at your local children’s thrift store to purchase the books. Once Upon a Child has books for $1.50 in like new condition. Their book shelves are well stocked and have a variety of books and for all ages. In addition, they also have tons of toys to choose from in great condition as well. This is a great way to purchase quality gifts on a budget.

I had a ton of fun creating these shopping guides for you guys, and as much work as they were, it is very much worth it when I get those messages from you all thanking me for the information. So thank you to those who have taken the time to read them and comment on my social media pages. I appreciate the love!