How To Beat The Winter Blues: Kids Edition

Winter can be tough on anyone, especially the kids. It is very hard for them to let go of built up energy when it is too cold to be outside for long periods of time. This winter has been even tougher as it has been in the single digits for a big portion of the time.

Coming up with things to do in the winter to keep our children entertained can be very challenging for parents. Sure if you have the money, there are plenty of places I can think of to take our children. See the list below for my list of indoor entertainment $$.

1. Indoor Sports Teams, such as soccer. Google indoor sports in your area and you might be surprised how many there are.

2. Indoor water park. For those local to the Western Mass area, we have a few options. That includes the The Great Wolf Lodge in Fitchburg, Coco Keys Water Resort in Danvers CT and the Clarion Hotel and Aqua Lagoon Water Park in West Springfield. There are also indoor pool options such as your local YMCA, or you can even check in to a local hotel with an indoor pool for the night.

3. Museums. There are so many museums to choose from within a two hour radius from us that listing them all could take me all day. But you get the point, museums!

4. Ski Area for skiing, snow mobiles, snow boarding and snow tubing. I specifically really like the snow tubing for smaller children as the other activities are a little harder and more expensive for little ones to do. I have been to Skii Butternut near Lee MA and really enjoyed it. After we were done, we went out to eat and then hit up the Lee Outlets for a little shopping and walking around.

5. Indoor Playgrounds are great for letting go all of the built up energy. This includes bounce businesses as well as other locations such as Billy Beez. Again use google to check out all of the local spots in your area.

5. Mini Golf. If you are lucky enough to have any indoor mini golfes in your area, this would make for a fun time. We use to have a glow in the dark one that was pretty cool.

6. Bowling

7. Movie Theaters. check out weekly specials for your area such as $5 Tuesday and early bird specials for some savings.

8. Local Scheduled Entertainment. This includes Disney on Ice shows, Monster Jam, live shows, etc.

9. Ice skate/ Indoor Roller blade

10. Art Classes such as sip and paint for kids and pottery making.


Now let’s be real. The list above sounds nice and all, but it is very expensive and all adds up. I treat the boys to these activities once in a while but it’s definetly not something I can do every weekend. With that being said, I’ve also created another list of Budget Friendly activities to keep them entertained during the winter.

Budget Friendly Winter Acitivities

1. Bath time play. Add bath bubbles, bath paint and some toys and you’ll have your kids entertained for at least an hour.

2. Sledding. Find your local hill, such as in public schools and colleges etc. and take your kids sledding on warmer days. You can find sleds for as little as $5 at 5 below.

3. Igloo. I use to love making igloos on not so cold days (by that I mean 30’s), especially right after a snow storm. Jax now loves making igloos too. He and my kid sister like to experiment on the types of things they can use as a base. Last time they used a kid’s table, piled up the snow and dug a hole in the middle. They then used the top of the igloo as a little hill to slide down from.

4. Dance Party. Our children love music and dancing. We often will have them get together and play the Just Dance game together. Don’t have the game, you can Youtube Just Dance and there are videos with some of the songs and choreography.

5. Balloon catch. Playing balls inside might not be the best idea, but balloons are pretty harmless and probably even more fun.

6. Nurf Target Practice. The boys especially would love this. Grab a a few disposable cups, stack them up, and let them at it.

7. Scavenger Hunts require a little bit of work but it’s a ton of fun for the kids. Give them a list of things to find such as something black, etc.

8. Arts and Crafts. Check out pinterest for the many arts and crafts acitivities. You can also Youtube kid’s painting tutorials for a more affordable version of paint and sip classes.

9. Game boards. Dont have much, call your family and friends over and have them bring some of their own, or swap with each other for a bit. This would make for a fun weekend night. Include the adults in the games too. We like to have the kids go and play their games together while we enjoy our own games.

10.Create a show. Have the kids put together a play or talent show and make the adults the audience. Or even better, include the adults in the talent show too.

Something I also really like to do is look at the local Event tab on facebook. I also go on macaronikid.com where they have a daily and monthly calendar for our local area for the kids. A lot of those listed activities are free of charge.